Outline d.o.o. Outline d.o.o.

OUTLINE d.o.o.

Your partner in construction.

We provide professional supervision, consulting and project management services in construction.

What services do we offer?

Companies that value quality and perseverance have already recognized us as a respectful partner and regard our engineers as a valuable contribution to their teams.

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Professional supervision in the field of construction work

Controlling the work quality and ensuring that projects are carried out in accordance with technical specifications and regulations.

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Consulting in construction

Expert knowledge and recommendations during project planning and management, as well as solving technical issues and making key decisions.

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Management of construction projects

Managing projects from planning to completion, including resource planning, participants coordination and risk management.

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Investment supervision in construction

Reviewing and evaluating projects from investor's perspective, including cost analysis, risk assessment and expert recommendations.

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Technical Due Diligence

Detailed analysis and assessment of construction project’s technical aspects with an emphasis on identifying potential risks.

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Expert witness

Impartial opinion on particular aspects of matters within our expertise which are in dispute.

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Outline d.o.o.
Outline d.o.o. Outline d.o.o.

Your partner in construction


Supervision, consulting and project management are Outline d.o.o.’s core services. We have highly professional engineering staff that has an extensive experience obtained while working on some of the largest construction projects in Croatia.

Our goal is to establish ourselves as reliable partner with both foreign and domestic companies. We want to provide our clients with top quality service based on expertise, integrity and effective resolution of all challenges is our utmost priority.

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Outline d.o.o.

Why choose Outline?

We focus on expertise, integrity and solving specific problems in order to ensure client’s satisfaction and thus being recognized for excellence, professionalism and quality of service.

Outline d.o.o.

Expertise and experience

We provide highly professional engineering services based on an extensive experience and references from some of the largest construction projects in Croatia.

Outline d.o.o.


We maintain high standards of integrity, transparency and ethical behavior in all aspects of work.

Outline d.o.o.

Solving specific problems

We can timely identify and effectively solve specific problems and/or overcome challenges that arise during construction projects.

Outline d.o.o.

Diligence and determination

Our work ethics adds value as we lead projects with commitment and determination towards achieving set goals.

Outline d.o.o.

Building long-term partnerships

We value long-term relationships with clients, based on mutual trust and understanding.

Outline d.o.o.


We have successfully accomplished large project collaborations with reputable businesses which makes us a reliable partner with a renown reputation in the construction industry.

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